Getting to know Gucumatz Lakeside Inn

We have a bilingual English/Spanish staff here and try our very best to make you feel really at home so if you have any special requests please let us know . The inn has 9 comfortable en-suite bedrooms, all painted and decorated in typical Guatemalan style, which overlook the gardens and lake. The grounds comprise an extraordinary variety of tropical plants, shaded hammocks, hanging beds near the beach and a water temperature which allows for swimming all year round. Kayaks and mountain bikes are readily available for those who require extra exercise. Our common areas include a large sitting-room with reading material and a display of the country´s very best handcraft as well as a utility room housing a small museum, darts and an assortment of table games. Two open-air bars provide day-long refreshments and a small, secluded conference area (8- 12 participants) is available for private meetings or classes. Our candle-lit evening meals, overlooking the shimmering lake are all home-cooked with the very freshest local ingredients. For this reason we require guests please to inform the kitchen by 10.30 a.m. if they wish to dine (Our package deal with dinner included can be reserved in advance (40$) We are situated close to the ancient Mayan cities of Tikal and Yaxhá and arrange visits to them both. Please note:

  • Our bedrooms do not have T.V’s or air conditioning systems but there is nearly always a fresh breeze blowing across the lake and all our rooms have fans
  • This is NOT a suitable place for small children as the water is very deep here and we are situated on quite a rocky hillside.
  • We DO request guests to follow certain rules for their own comfort and out of respect for fellow travellers:
  • No smoking. Guatemalan law forbids smoking in all public places.
  • No glass near the beach area where people usually walk barefoot. We offer cans or plastic cups for beachfront consumption.
  • We consider the inn to be a place for resting and relaxation so request you NOT to make loud, disturbing noises after 10 p.m.
  • Please do NOT consume food in the bedrooms (ants can be a menace!). All the rooms have chairs and tables outside on the terrace.
  • Please respect our breakfast and dinner times as we do not have an open-ended restaurant service.

We offer:

  • Pick-ups to and from the airport or bus station and on occasions from the Belize border (Melchor de Mencos).
  • A great variety of very reasonably priced touristic outings and excursions
  • Guided nature walks for plant, insect and bird lovers (half day).
  • Horse-riding in one of the local estates (half day).
  • Visits to Tikal or Yaxhá (full day).
  • By motor launch to Petencito (the local zoo), a small island museum with Mayan artefacts and stop off for photography at the lake´s best Mirador (full day).
  • Round the lake drive by minibus visiting: San José; the Mirador at San Andrés and the commemorative park of Calvani; a walk around Flores (coffee); the Actún Kan caves in Santa Elena; Remate (lunch) the wood carvers and a walk through the Cerro Cahui protected area (full day).
  • Fishing in the river San Pedro (usually only accessible in the dry months). Includes: fishing licences, trip to and from the Scarlet Macaw reserve (car + boat), 1 night lodging with meals, fishing launch and local guide (2-3 day excursion).
  • The Mirador, situated deep in the jungle near the Mexican border (these ruins are still being excavated). One day of walking/riding through the jungle each way is required plus a day at the Mirador itself (3/4 day excursion).
  • The possibility to participate in one of our ongoing humanitarian projects in the village of San Perdo, meet the locals and get to know their way of life, wants and needs.
If you are going to spend several days touring Guatemala we will gladly help you arrange your trip, advising on the most appropriate places to visit and stay. Reviews